At 18 years of age I realised that neither the study of advanced mathematics or surveying were going to benefit me in my pursuit of a career in music so I left college and started my own independent record company. I learned the music business on the fly and was able to chart three releases in the top twenty including a number 1.

It was the same drive that brought me to America, initially for nine days but after landing a remix gig with Def Jam (Capleton/Heathen Reign) in my first week I decided to stay. I continued to do production work for major record companies such as Arista and Island Records.

I went on to design and build my own recording studio and I managed a team of producers and engineers and a five hundred plus client base. However, after fifteen years of recording and mixing I've decided to move in a new direction.


I'm a songwriter, producer and engineer. I play guitar, bass and keys I'm also a drum programmer, vocal and string arranger. I'm also proficient in Logic and Pro Tools



  • R&B

  • Reggae

  • Rock

  • Pop

  • Soul

  • Hip Hop

  • Folk